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RHLSTP Monthly badge winner

Thanks to all those of you who have stayed on as badgers!
You will be [...more]

1 July 2022

Janey Godley for RHLSTP

On 7th August my guest for the Fringe RHLSTP will be the unsinkable Janey G [...more]

29 June 2022

Sanjeev Kohli for RHLSTP

My first guest for the Edinburgh run of RHLSTP will be the awesome Sanjeev [...more]

29 June 2022

John Robins for Edinburgh RHLSTP

John Robins will be my guest for the RHLSTP on 9th August. 1pm in the Ball [...more]

20 June 2022

Kunt for RHLSTP

Joining Meryl O Rourke on 27th June at the Phoenix will be the chart hit ac [...more]

4 June 2022

May monthly winner

The winner of this month's monthly badger monthly draw is John Warlow from [...more]

4 June 2022

Dick and Dom for the Phoenix

My guests for RHLSTP on 13th June will be the childish men, Dick and Dom. I [...more]

24 May 2022

Twitch of Fun LIVE

As well as a RHLSTP (guest TBA) the 13th June gig at the Phoenix will also [...more]

23 May 2022

All Killa No Filla for the Edinburgh Fringe

My guests at the Assembly Ball Room at 1pm on 4th August will be Rachel and [...more]

23 May 2022

Janeane Garofalo for Edinburgh RHLSTP

My guest on 10th August at 1pm at the Assembly Ball Room, Edinburgh will be [...more]

12 May 2022

timkey for the Edinburgh Fringe

Another top notch guest for the Edinburgh Fringe run of RHLSTP. On 12th Aug [...more]

11 May 2022

Ed Gamble for Edinburgh RHLSTP

My guest on the 11th August RHLSTP will be Ed Gamble. 1pm at the Assembly B [...more]

6 May 2022

RHLSTP at the Edinburgh Fringe

RHLSTP will be at the Assembly Rooms Ball Room (now I have more ball room) [...more]

5 May 2022

Phoenix - 1st line up

We're doing another run of gigs at the intimate Phoenix near Oxford Circus. [...more]

4 May 2022

RHLSTP (live streams!)

We are going to be streaming every episode of the next series of RHLSTP liv [...more]

15 April 2022

Alan Davies for RHLSTP

One of the guests for the 25th April RHLSTP will be Alan Davies. Worth book [...more]

16 March 2022

March monthly winner

The monthly badger draw winner this month is Greg Readings of London (badge [...more]

1 March 2022

Terry Christian for RHLSTP

In a delightful visual pun, joining Charley Boorman on the 7th March will b [...more]

22 February 2022

RHLSTP (live streams!)

We are going to be streaming every episode of the next series of RHLSTP liv [...more]

14 April 2022

Samira Ahmed for RHLSTP

Joining Jamie Demetriou on the 14th March RHLSTP will be journalist and pre [...more]

21 February 2022

Lazy Susan for RHLSTP

Joining Omid Djalili on the 28th March RHLSTP will be Lazy Susan (Freya Par [...more]

21 February 2022

Rosie Holt for RHLSTP

Joining Armando Iannucci on 21st March at the Leicester Sq Theatre will be [...more]

16 February 2022

Paul Chuckle for RHLSTP

This is the big one!
Paul Chuckle will be the other guest (along with [...more]

16 February 2022

Dara O Briain for RHLSTP

Dara will be my guest on 18th April at the Leicester Square Theatre
B [...more]

16 February 2022

Omid Djalili for RHLSTP

Oooo, I promise you that this one will be awesome - Omid Djalili will be gu [...more]

15 February 2022

Janina Ramirez for RHLSTP

On 28th Feb I will be talking to historian Janina Ramirez. It will be ace, [...more]

15 February 2022

Armando for RHLSTP

Armando Iannucci will be returning to RHLSTP on 21st March. This one should [...more]

3 February 2022

Monthly badger winnner

This month's monthly badger draw winner is Mark Williams of Ulverston [...more]

1 February 2022

Charley Boorman for RHLSTP

They said we should never meet, but one of my guests for 7th March RHLSTP a [...more]

26 January 2022

Jamie Demetriou for Leicester Sq

First guest of the new run at Leic Sq Theatre confirmed. It's for March 14t [...more]

25 January 2022

Joz Norris for Leicester

One of my guests at the Leicester Comedy Festival will be the very funny Jo [...more]

8 January 2022

Bilal Zafar and Laura Jean Marsh for RHLSTP

17th January at the Phoenix I will be chatting to two of my recent collabor [...more]

7 January 2022

Mark Watson for RHLSTP

Joining Ahir Shah at the RHLSTP at the Phoenix Cavendish Sq on 24th January [...more]

6 January 2022

Monthly Badger Winner

This month's monthly badge winner is Andrew Rowe. Become a monthly bad [...more]

3 January 2022

RHLSTP Kickstarter

Help us pay for filming so we can livestream the next series of RHLSTP (whe [...more]

21 December 2021

Ahir Shah for RHLSTP

One of the guests for the RHLSTP at the Phoenix on 24th January will be Ahi [...more]

7 December 2021

Stream raises charity money

Thank you to everyone who bought the RHLSTP streams.
We raised £ [...more]

2 December 2021

ebay auction

There's a chance to get your hands on my lockdown RHLSTP notebook and rare/ [...more]

2 December 2021

December Monthly Badger Winner

Richard Huxtable of Bristol has won this month's box of surprisingly valuab [...more]

2 December 2021

Margaret Cabourn-Smith for RHLSTP

Joining Chris Lynam on the 29th November at the Phoenix in London will be [...more]

15 November 2021

RHLSTP at the Phoenix

We're doing a bonus RHLSTP at the Phoenix near Oxford Circus on 29th Novemb [...more]

12 November 2021

November Monthly Badge Winner

Charles Ward from Manchester is this month's recipient of a box of crap. Ne [...more]

6 November 2021

Deborah Meaden for RHLSTP

Joining Ben Shephard on the 18th October will be Dragon's Den star Deborah [...more]

5 October 2021

October draw winner

Winner of this month's monthly badger draw is Liam Cooke from Peebles. [...more]

1 October 2021

Miriam Margolyes for RHLSTP

Oh my gosh, I think this one could rival BB. We have the great Miriam Margo [...more]

6 September 2021

September Badgy Champ

Winner of this month's monthly badger draw is Paul Harrison of Doncast [...more]

3 September 2021

Bob Mortimer for RHLSTP

Bob Mortimer will be the first guest of the new series of RHLSTP. There is [...more]

16 August 2021

Shaparak Khorsandi for RHLSTP

Joining Katherine Ryan on 4th October will be Shaparak (formerly known as S [...more]

13 August 2021

Harry Hill for RHLSTP

Great news! Harry Hill will finally be doing RHLSTP. He's on with Phil Wang [...more]

13 August 2021

Katherine Ryan for RHLSTP

The amazing Katherine Ryan will be one of the guests for the 4th October RH [...more]

12 August 2021

Nobody Panic! on RHLSTP

One of the RHLSTPs on the afternoon of 29th August will feature Stevie Mart [...more]

11 August 2021

Emma Dabiri for RHLSTP

One of the guests for 25th October will be the author of What White People [...more]

10 August 2021

Louise Wener for RHLSTP

Louise Wener from off of Sleeper is the other guest for the 27th September [...more]

9 August 2021

RHLSTP (live streams!)

We are going to be streaming every episode of the next series of RHLSTP liv [...more]

30 March 2022

Phil Wang for RHLSTP

More guest news for RHLSTP
Phil Wang will be one of the guests on 11 [...more]

29 July 2021

Monthly Badger Winner

This month's monthly badger winner is Kevin Howells from Manchester.

1 July 2021

RHLSTP Live stream!

The RHLSTP of 5th July with Robin Askwith and the Off Menu buffoons is sold [...more]

10 June 2021

Off Menu/RHLSTP Podclash

The final guests for this run of RHLSTP on 5th July will be James Acaster a [...more]

6 June 2021

John Robins for RHLSTP

John Robins will now be joining David Baddiel as the guests for RHLSTP on M [...more]

4 June 2021

June Draw Winner

The winner of this month's monthly badger draw is Cheryl Harris of Rutland. [...more]

2 June 2021

Isy Suttie for RHLSTP (NEW DATE)

The glorious Isy Suttie can no longer do RHLSTP on 7th June BUT will be do [...more]

30 May 2021

David Baddiel for RHLSTP

David will be one of the guests for the RHLSTP on 7th June at the Clapham G [...more]

25 May 2021

Geoff Norcott for RHLSTP

Joining Sarah Kendall on 24th May will be the Mash Report's Geoff Norcott. [...more]

14 May 2021

Jessie Cave for RHLSTP

Joining Johnny Vegas for the May 31st matinee RHLSTP at the Clapham Grand w [...more]

11 May 2021

May Badger Winner

This month's winner of a box of rubbish (actually very cool prizes) is Andr [...more]

4 May 2021

No Such Thing as a Fish for Clapham

The No Such Thing as a Fish (NSTAAF) team will be my guests for the June 14 [...more]

1 May 2021

Sarah Kendall for Clapham Grand

Sarah Kendall (possible Taskmaster champion, though I will never relinquish [...more]

20 April 2021

Guests for Clapham Grand

First guests announced for Clapham Grand gigs

May 31st (2pm) J [...more]

16 April 2021

Monthly Badger Rollover WINNER

It's a rollover this month for the monthly badger draw and the winner is Ad [...more]

1 February 2021

Live from the Clapham Grand

Rich will be back on stage with RHLSTP on the 6th Feb 2021. You are not all [...more]

6 February 2021

End of year Badge draw

Winner of the big end of year badger draw is Oli Matthews from Norwich. The [...more]

2 January 2021

Monthly Badger WINNER

Winner of this month's monthly badger monthly draw is Arran Cottam from She [...more]

1 December 2020

October draw winner

Winner of this month's monthly draw for badgers is Julia Sladen of Nottingh [...more]

2 October 2020

Snooker Kickstarter

You asked for it*, and here it is.

A Self Playing Snooker Fede [...more]

7 September 2020

Support our Kickstarter!

The Stone Clearing Podcast kickstarter is live.

Help us raise [...more]

14 August 2020

Monthly Badger Winner

Winner of this month's monthly badger monthly draw is Luke Atkins. It [...more]

30 July 2020

July Monthly Winner

This month's monthly badge winner is Claudia McKelvey of
Hertfo [...more]

1 July 2020

Bill Burr and Lauren Pattison for RHLSTP

On Weds I am doing two RHLSTPs (in one day?)
8pm Lauren Pattison

2 June 2020

June Monthly Winner

The winner of this month's Monthly Badge box of junk is Mark Goldie from Er [...more]

2 June 2020

June Monthly Winner

The winner of this month's Monthly Badge box of junk is Mark Goldie from Er [...more]

June Monthly Winner

The winner of this month's Monthly Badge box of junk is Mark Goldie from Er [...more]

2 June 2020

Monthly Badger Winner

Winner of the box of junk this month is Dave Bockett-Pugh from Brighton

1 May 2020

Richard Osman for RHLSTP

Joining us at 8pm on Weds 13th May will be the wonderful Richard Osman

30 April 2020

Kiri Pritchard-McLean for RHLSTP

The guest for 6th May remote recording of RHLSTP will the formidable and hi [...more]

30 April 2020

Mark Watson and Robert Webb for RHLSTP

Mark Watson will be my guest for the live-streamed RHLSTP on 22nd April and [...more]

22 April 2020

Amazon Prime Member? Give us free money!

If you are an Amazon Prime member you can give RHLSTP $5 a month (we'll get [...more]

6 April 2020

Adam Buxton Live Stream RHLSTP

We will be doing a live stream RHLSTP on Twitch on Wednesday 8th March (pro [...more]

6 April 2020

Monthly Badger Winner

The winner of the April box of prizes is Andrew Clements from Nuneaton,.

6 April 2020

Rich on Twitch

Rich has started streaming daily from both his attic room and the huge fiel [...more]

23 March 2020

All RHLSTP Gigs Postponed

It will probably come as no surprise that we've had to postpone all live re [...more]

23 March 2020

Tim Key for Leicester Square

Joining Isy Suttie on 23rd March at the LST will be Tim Key.
I suspec [...more]

10 March 2020

Noddy Holder for Birmingham

The show is sold out, but I thought I'd let you be the first to know. My gu [...more]

3 March 2020

March monthly draw winner

Winner of the latest monthly draw is Alison Alexander from Winchester

1 March 2020

Aisling Bea for RHLSTP

Joining Michael Palin on 9th March 2020 at the Leicester Square Theatre wil [...more]

26 February 2020

Isy Suttie for RHLSTP

One of the guests on the March 23rd RHLSTP will be the magical elf that is [...more]

26 February 2020

RHLSTP with Adam AND Joe

The final guests of the upcoming London run will be Adam Buxton and Joe Cor [...more]

23 February 2020

O2 GIG with James Acaster

There's a special RHLSTP for O2 customers at the O2 (small room) on March 2 [...more]

15 February 2020

Nish Kumar for RHLSTP

Joining the Parapod guys on March 16th will be Michael-Sheen lookalike Nish [...more]

14 February 2020

Ben Shephard for RHLSTP

Ben Shephard will be one of my guests for the 30th M [...more]

13 February 2020

monthly badge prizes go to Australia

The winner of February's monthly draw is Melinda McInerney of Australia. [...more]

1 February 2020

Parapod for RHLSTP

On March 16th I shall be interviewing Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds of the [...more]

29 January 2020

Lolly Adefope for RHLSTP

One of the guests for April 6th RHLSTP will be Lolly Adefope from the very [...more]

23 January 2020

Palin for RHLSTP

Got an averagely good guest for the start of the next series of RHLSTP. Joi [...more]

6 January 2020

End of Year monthly draw winner

Winner of the end of year monthly badger monthly draw is Michael Sheldon o [...more]

1 January 2020

Birmingham Podcast Festival

Tickets are on sale for the Birmingham Podcast Festival RHLSTP on 28th Marc [...more]

2 December 2019

Graham Fellows for Hull

The man behind John Shuttleworth, Jilted John and much more, Graham Fellows [...more]

14 November 2019

Seann Walsh for Sheffield

The other guest for Sheffield will be comedian Seann Walsh

htt [...more]

6 November 2019

Ian Mcmillan for Sheffield

One of the guests for RHLSTP in Sheffield will be poet and broadcaster Ian [...more]

5 November 2019

Lucy Beaumont for Hull

One of the guests for the Hull RHLSTP will be Lucy Beaumont

ht [...more]

4 November 2019

Max and Ivan for Cambridge

Max and Ivan will be the guests on one of the recordings in Cambridge on 8t [...more]

18 October 2019

Reverend Richard Coles for Northampton

Joining Steve Mcneil on 15th November at the Northampton Deco will be the R [...more]

17 October 2019

Steve McNeil for Northampton

Go 8 Bit and Wifi Wars' Steve Mcneil will be one of the guests for Northamp [...more]

16 October 2019

Athena Klugbenu for Leicester Square

Finally got the second guest for RHLSTP at the Leicester Square on 14th Oct [...more]

12 October 2019

Sinhaman for Oxford

Great news, Paul Sinha will be joining George Monbiot at the Oxford Playhou [...more]

11 October 2019

Janice Connolly aka Barbara Nice for Manchester

One of the guests for the Manchester RHLSTP on 2nd November is the woman be [...more]

8 October 2019

Robin Ince for Leicester Square

Robin Ince will be one of the guests for RHLSTP on 14th October
Ticke [...more]

7 October 2019

Charlie Brooker for Leicester Square

Huge news guys
Charlie Brooker will be my other guest on 4th November [...more]

7 October 2019

Tim Minchin for Leicester Square Theatre

Joining Sara Pascoe on 28th October RHLSTP at Leicester Square is the geniu [...more]

1 October 2019

Monthly draw winner

This month's draw winner is Carrie Walker from Milton Keynes
Become a [...more]

1 October 2019

Sara Pascoe for London

Sara Pascoe will be one of the guests at the Leicester Square Theatre on 28 [...more]

20 September 2019

Mike Wozniak for Exeter

Mike Wozniak from Man Down will be one of the guests for the almost sold ou [...more]

20 September 2019

Nick Frost for Richmond

Big news guys and you've got til Monday to jump the gun - one of my guests [...more]

13 September 2019

Jenny Eclair for Leicester

The wonderful Jenny Eclair will be making her second appearance on RHLSTP a [...more]

12 September 2019

Ahir Shah and John Kearns for Winchester

Guests for the almost sold out gig in Winchester on 3rd October are Ahir Sh [...more]

10 September 2019

George Monbiot for Oxford

First guest announced for the Oxford gig on 27th October and it's George Mo [...more]

9 September 2019

RHLSTP Kickstarter

Please help us to pay for filming the shows on the upcoming tour and get yo [...more]

11 September 2019

Annabel Giles for Brighton

Model, agony aunt, author, actor, presenter and alumni of Fist of Fun and L [...more]

6 September 2019

Monthly draw winners

Winner of August Monthly Badger draw was Emma Dilnutt of Cheshire.
W [...more]

5 September 2019

Fern Brady in Glasgow

If you enjoyed Fern Brady on the recent Edinburgh Fringe podcast then great [...more]

30 August 2019

Grace Petrie for Leicester

One of my guests at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre RHLSTP on 19th Septembe [...more]

27 August 2019

RHLSTP Guilty Feminist Crossover

Hey! On Saturday 31st August at 9pm I am doing a fun live crossover podcas [...more]

27 August 2019

Simon Evans for Brighton

Simon Evans will be one of the guests at Brighton Theatre Royal on 15th Sep [...more]

13 August 2019

Konnie Huq in London

Joining Grayson Perry on 11th November will be Konnie Huq
Book here h [...more]

27 July 2019

Rachel Parris for Leicester Square

One of my guests on 4th November will be the multi-talented Rachel Parris < [...more]

28 June 2019

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry is going to be my guest on RHLSTP on November 11th at the Lei [...more]

8 June 2019

Richard Osman and Geoff Norcott

More Edinburgh guests being added all the time. Won't bother you with all o [...more]

7 June 2019

Phil Wang

Delighted to have Phil Wang as the guest for RHLSTP at the Edinburgh Fringe [...more]

6 June 2019

Sara Barron

Joining Russell Howard on RHLSTP on 10th June at King's Place will be Edinb [...more]

5 June 2019

Caroline Quentin

My guests for the Warwick Arts Centre RHLSTP on 28th June *should* be (just [...more]

4 June 2019


The other guest for the RHLSTP at King's Place on 17th June will be star of [...more]

4 June 2019

Michael Sheen CONFIRMED

Michael Sheen will be my guest on RHLSTP at Kings Place on 17th June

23 May 2019

Good news Glasgow!

If you are thinking of coming to the Glasgow RHLSTP on 24th November then y [...more]

22 May 2019

First Edinburgh RHLSTP guest

On 11th August I will be chatting with Tony Slattery - Think this one will [...more]

17 May 2019

Confirmed guests

Here's all the confirmed guests for the next few RHLSTPs
See all tour [...more]

15 May 2019

RHLSTP web page

Hello, welcome to our superduper new website. And the latest news is we hav [...more]

13 May 2019

Russell Howard Announced

TV's Russell Howard has just been announced for the first of our two record [...more]

13 May 2019

Stone Clearing T-shirt design revealed

We are delighted to show you the first design for the Stone Clearing t-shir [...more]

2 May 2019


Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the kickstarter.


5 May 2019