RHLSTP | Richard Herring

RHLSTP Live stream!

10 June 2021

The RHLSTP of 5th July with Robin Askwith and the Off Menu buffoons is sold out - BUT it's worth putting your name on the waiting list as if social distancing is relaxed by 5th July there will be more tickets available.
OR why not buy a ticket for the LIVE STREAM - it's only a tenner to see both shows from the comfort of your own home
https://dice.fm/partner/the-clapham-grand/event/xbw3k-richard-herring-rhlstp-5th-jul-the-clapham-grand-london-tickets?dice_source=web&;dice_medium=organic&dice_campaign=The Clapham Grand&_branch_match_id=751720215974875656