RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Rob Brydon

3 July 2024

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McCartney Set List

Richard is still being played on by Scant Regard, but as this long tour progresses his stand up sections get mercifully shorter! His guest is the multi-talented Rob Brydon. They chat about how a birthday message to Margot Robbie led to a part in a potentially Oscar winning film (You'll know if it won by now, but we poor fools in the past did not), how Brydon pretended to be ill to get out of a guest slot on Would I Lie To You? and how the show has become bulletproof, how America managed to get two series our of the book Green Eggs and Ham, the impressive and old school range of work that Rob undertakes, touring with an 8 piece band and whether it's ever good when a comedian does serious songs and the disaster and triumph of Rob's first meeting with Sir Paul McCartney. Plus why family comes first and whether legacy is as important as your kids having you around!