RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Julia Sawalha

27 March 2024

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Julia Sawalha's Well

Richard has great news about his (pre-breakfast) weight (which may no longer be true by time of broadcast). And in another attempt to get some closure for his romantic past, his guest is fantastic actress and ex-partner, Julia Sawalha. They talk about the impact of Press Gang and the gruelling audition process, working with Rik Mayall and Michael Palin (not at the same time), the process by which Absolutely Fabulous developed and brilliant casting that led to its success and how Julia won Stars in Their Eyes after zero sleep thanks to a Coronation Street actress throwing chairs around. There may be some mention of the relationship, the embarrassment of watching Fist of Fun with Richard's dad, Rich and Julia's shared spirit guide, the extraordinary nicknames of her former partners (including Richard's), some controversy and disagreement about how they broke up and the drunken fights and near death experiences of the Time Gentlemen Please cast. Plus an amazing ghost story and the surprising recasting of a movie sequel. This really has everything. Don't miss it.