RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Joe Pasquale

20 March 2024

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Speared by a Moose

Richard is still in Norwich and has more local news and celebrates the city's most famous son. His guest is the phenomenon that is Joe Pasquale. In the chat Joe reveals more than any guest has done before, literally and physically as he recounts many tales of clumsiness and accident, including how he nearly died the perfect comedy bath (again literally), the funniest telling of a having a badly broken leg after being run over, how a flight with the Red Arrows ended in excruciating pain and an upsetting encounter with some bum grapes. Plus how Ken Dodd helped the young Pasquale become a hit, the boredom of I'm a Celebrity, an amazing story about what happens if you piss off (or piss on) Christopher Dean, how a comic real life explosion led to Joe playing Frank Spencer, a legendary episode of Doctors and connecting with his son. It's an amazing podcast from a terrifically funny man. Don't miss it.