RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Ross Noble

6 March 2024

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Weed Charades

Richard's kids are unimpressed by his appearance on Top of the Pops 95 and provide a scathing critique of his work. His guest is a man with 8 mind-blowing facts about himself, Ross Noble (though an audience member called Kirsty also stars). They talk mainly about frozen things, Ben or Jerry's funeral, Rod Hull in a freezer and being buried in an ice rink, but also some fantastic stories about appearing on the Australian Apprentice, blowing up a woman, selling cursed sand and responding to Lord Sugartits in the board room. Also some amazing news about Brian Blessed and the birth of a brand new game show, that might not entirely work in audio format (or might be much much better).

Buy Ross' specials here - https://stream.rossnoble.com/