RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Bob Cryer

2 February 2024

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Same Time Tomorrow?

Richard chats with actor Bob Cryer about the charming and beautifully balanced book he's written about his much missed dad, Barry Cryer. They talk about the difficulties and emotions of writing about someone you were so close to, the importance of it not being a hagiography, the shocking revelations that only came out after death (luckily not the kind of shocking that others have been subject to), how Barry was an honorary Jew and an honorary gay, the effect of losing his dad at a young age and his struggles with eczema, how Barry's RHLSTP was one of his final live performances and the kindness that Barry showed to Richard when it turned out, they both had cancer. Plus his jokes and the tributes that came from the famous and the non-famous alike.

Buy Same Time Tomorrow? here - https://www.awesomebooks.com/book/9781526665317/barry-cryer-same-time-tomorrow