RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Ian Rankin

26 January 2024

audio coming soon

A Heart Full of Headstones

Richard is in Edinburgh and talks to Edinburgh's second favourite knight (after a penguin) Ian Rankin. They discuss the latest of his many books about Rebus and Edinburgh (is it a character in itself?), how well Ian knows the character after all this time, why he chose to have him age in real time, how his books embrace topicality, whether Rebus could really pull Duckface, why Ian let go of the TV adaptations, the changes made by American publishers and how persistence from the author led the series to be a huge success (and how long that took to happen). Plus the looming presence of Richard Osman, being asked to write the autobiography of Sean Connery, Ian's attempt to write a Mills and Boon romance and whether it's possible to understand evil. Plus much more. It's a must listen for the aspirant author and the fan of crime (or any) novels).