RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Jason Cook

10 January 2024

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Giraffe in a Headlock

Richard is back at the Stand in Newcastle and in the week that the Northumberland Sycamore was cruelly cuts down, dare he risk making an allusion? His guest is legendary stand-up and TV writer, Jason Cook. Rich might be getting a bit tired from touring, but it doesn't really matter, as we have a story-teller topped only by Brian Blessed for loquaciousness. Jason talks about being a tiny chef in some biscuit ads and going through airport security covered in flour, working as a merchant seaman and the unlikely zoo based stories of one of his crewmates, representing Germany in the World Stands Up, inventing the dead dad stand up genre, getting Rich very drunk to do stand up, being a Celebrity Mastermind stand-in, Hebburn and the Murder, They Hope series and is this the week for him to dress up as a tree in his monthly comedy club?