RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Peter Richardson

22 November 2023

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The Mike That Never Was

Richard is back in the witch-burning city of Exeter and this time his guest is Comic Strip Presents legend Peter Richardson. They talk about how Peter meet Nigel Planer and invented the character of Neil, the early days of the Comic Strip in Raymonds Revue Bar, why it was a good thing that he didn't end up playing Mike in the Young Ones (though he might well be wrong about that), how he shocked Steve Martin, getting bottles of piss thrown at him by Heavy Metal fans at Donnington, his instrumental part in Stella Street and why the Comic Strip Presents about Boris Johnson never saw the light of day. Plus the lackadaisical attitudes to Health and Safety that saw him confronted by the police outside Buckingham Palace. An incredible delve into an amazing time for comedy! AND the Keith Allen question is posed.