RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Simon Farnaby

20 October 2023

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Ghosts - The Button House Archives

Live from the Leicester Square Theatre, Richard has been in for his yearly human MOT. His guest has performed with and dug up monarchs, it's the amazing Simon Farnaby. They talk about the importance of not making your Christmas TV tie-in a soulless cash grab, the fun of creating historical documents for all the ghosts, plus making the designer's life difficult. Plus loads more about Simon's remarkable career, how the documentary about the search for Richard III turned into something remarkable, Simon's chat with the queen, why he fears a stupid death and where death's voice came from, his he turned Paddington from a U into a PG, offending the people of Scotland (that's Richard's job), being directed by Mackenzie Crook, getting the approval of Nicholas Cage and working on the Persuasionists!

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