RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Joe Lycett

11 October 2023

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Right Little Puck

Richard has some more incredible Birmingham facts to share with his Brummie audience. His guest is RHLSTP super fan and mischievous imp, Joe Lycett. They reveal how Richard was one of the few people who was in on the secret of his David Beckham money shredding, the surprising group of people who were offended by this stunt, whether accusations of Qatar-based hypocrisy hold any water (and was it RHLSTP that led to them?) why he wanted to make his new show in Birmingham and gave a leg up to local young people, why he still lives in Birmingham even though he doesn't have to, putting on an art exhibition with his mum, why he might be taking Harry Styles to the small claims court and the importance of enjoying success whilst it's happening and whether he fears the late middle-age breakdown that can afflict people in show business.