RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Peter Baynham

13 September 2023

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Invisible Cereal

Richard has returned to Balham and made the mistake of looking up what his shitty little old flat is currently worth. His guest is another ex-resident of the South London borough, Peter “too gorgeous” Baynham. They discuss getting older, being 60, Richard's eerily accurate prediction about the kindle, what you do with dead bodies at sea, how many mates you need on a yacht, the improv course where Pete rubbed shoulders with some of UK comedy's future greats, how he managed to literally back out of sports at school, losing an Oscar in a train station, how Carry On and Weird Science gave a poor example of sexual relations and some somewhat disappointing accommodation. Plus Monsters in the attic, being followed by a rhino and Richard's glasses break, giving him an incredible new gimmick. It's a very good one.