RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Thanyia Moore

14 June 2023

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The Drug Rats of Porthcawl

Richard is delighted to be back for series 27 of RHLSTP and to be within the short-lived window where he can do topical stand up material. It's going to be the last time in a while, though there's talk of a RHLSTP tour! Hie guest is dancer turned comedian turned actor and writer Thanyia Moore. They chat about the lost Tango ads, why she wrote a stand up show about being a bully, the mystery of how the unusual spelling of her name came about, what she did to upset some of the people of Wales (though some of them agreed with her), how appearing on Question Team led to her wing-walking and water-skiing, whether the skills on her Spotlight entry are genuine and could she could beat Richard over 100 metres? (Yes).

Check out Thanyia's latest gigs here https://www.thanyiamoore.co.uk/