RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Can I Have My Ball Back?

14 April 2023

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Episode 1

A brand new podcast series that's happy to admit that it's a load of bollocks. Uniballer Richard Herring tells the story of how he came to lose one of his Chuckle Brothers, talks to other monoballs and teste experts (testperts) about these remarkable and vulnerable organs. In episode one Richard recounts what happened when he first became concerned about his weird big bollock and talks to Richard Herring lookalike and fellow motorcycle enthusiast and womble, Charley Boorman to find out how his dog helped him diagnose his own testicular cancer.

And if you happen to have a testicular story or fact you want to share - really - you can email us on cihmbb@gmail.com (no pictures though - it is Producer Ben who will be manning this mailbox and he is of a sensitive disposition).

To find out how best to check your balls or the balls of someone you love (or like enough) head here https://uk.movember.com/men-s-health/testicular-cancer

For even more bollock facts and funny stories from Richard's own diagnosis, Buy the Can I Have My Ball Back? book here https://www.gofasterstripe.com/ball