RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Eshaan Akbar

5 April 2023

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Richard has had to deal with a persistent heckler (aka his son) and surprised himself with the cliche that he responded with. His guest is banker turned comedian Eshaan Akbar. They discuss not knowing how to wear trousers or shake hands, his inappropriately named dance group, challenging your childhood religion through comedy and why that was potentially more perilous for Eshaan, than Richard, whether it was right that Eshaan ended up doing the brown voices on Spitting Image, not wanting to be the spokesperson for any community or being forced to challenge inequality, when you believe yourself to be everyone's equal. The show included an erudite and interesting alternate point of view from an Asian member of the audience, which sadly was not picked up by the microphones, but which we hopefully discussed fairly nonetheless. Plus the story of a twisted testicle with a happy ending

PS Eshaan and Richard successfully shook hands as they left the stage.