RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Tim Key

1 March 2023

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The Imp from Impington

Rich has a problem with his daughter's favourite song, and shows that he is up to date with all the music playing at the discos nowadays. His guest is the irrepressible timkey, back for a third time in 18 months!. They talk about Tim's time as a white van man, a woman who survived eight days in a snow drift (for a bit), the places that Tim is and isn't going for his (basically sold out) tour https://www.plosive.co.uk/events/tim-key-mulberry-tour-2023, where he gets his crazy ideas, the incredible baguette deal in Pret, which comedian would make the best Prime Minister, being the answer to a question of University Challenge and what it's like to do a gig to a mainly Malaysian audience.

There's a new and exciting instalment of the adventures of timkey the monkey and the pair compare cancers and then Rich asks the occasionally dynamite question, “What's it like being Tim Key?” Who can be sure. All I know is it's always a rollercoaster of fun and danger to be in his company!