RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Stephen Merchant

8 February 2023

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Richard is hoping to get a bridge named after him in Great Yarmouth and hopefully his fans will do better than they did in getting him nominated for a British Comedy Award. It's an incredible guest to start the new series, making his first appearance in almost 10 years, Stephen Merchant. Stephen has some questions for Richard about his first stint on the podcast and Richard doesn't really have any answers. But after a bit of squirming the pair get talking about meeting your heroes, your parents meeting your heroes, how an omelette was the clincher in getting Christopher Walken on to The Outlaws, the KLF style destruction of a Banksy, the Herring's Eye, the surprising news that drugs can be quite good fun, how Stephen made an impression at a Sarah Silverman party and his move into serious acting. Are they friends again by the end? I guess we'll find out in ten years time.