RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Rich Hall

11 January 2023

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Do Sniglets!

Rich is delighted about the new comedic discovery that his daughter has discovered and her enthusiasm for expressing it. His guest is comedy legend and unique brained Rich Hall. They talk about why Rich's appearance (or non-appearance) in a movie is an indicator of its failure, how he started his comedy career on the streets baptising dogs, trying to take that level of performance into clubs, working alongside Seinfeld and Larry David and making up 90 minutes of comedy every morning for David Letterman. How a successful TV appearance become an albatross round his neck, the freedom of coming to the Edinburgh Fringe and recreating national monuments out of cornflake packages, going to a funeral in character and having another success that came with negative effects, what it's like to be immortalised on the Simpsons and whether being a rebellious, self-sabotaging comedian is possible any more. Or desirable. This is an absolutely cracking chat with a master of the form and you should not miss it!