RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Sarah Keyworth

4 January 2023

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P*ssing On Richard

Richard has had his annual cancer check up and it's mainly good news, but something weird is going on in his scrotum (though he hates to talk about it). His guest is comedian Sarah Keyworth.

They talk about the terrible behaviour of the Sheriff of Nottingham, how to explain modern day notions of gender to the old and confused, the previously unexplored positive sides of being in a human centipede, how comedy can help us cope with tragedy and our darkest thoughts, how marriages manage to survive for 40 years, whether Sliding Doors is a great film or definitely isn't and whether masculinity is defined by stopping a child being hit by a baseball bat. Though there are some serious moments, this is a really skittish and funny chat!

Trigger warning - this podcast mentions suicidal thoughts.