RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Mathew Baynton and Jim Howick

25 December 2022

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Gascoigne V Herring

Richard's daughter has firm evidence for the existence of ghosts, which is apt because Richard's guests are ghosts too!!! It's Mat and Jim from off of Ghosts and much more. There are some harsh words about the reboot of Bob the Builder and a story of actorly distress from the set of Hellboy, but then we're into a nice long chat about the genesis of Horrible Histories and Ghosts and what the team at the core of these projects saw in each other. Rich is prepared to go to great lengths for a part in Ghosts and there are some definitive answers to the ghost emergency questions, plus find out why the lovely film Bill has been overlooked, why it's nice to get an acting job near your house and what it's like to have played important roles in Peep Show. Plus a disection of the philosophy behind Ghosts and why it's a horrible show that should be taken off air immediately.