RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Humphrey Ker

19 December 2022

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Watch Out! Watch Out!

Richard has come up with a way to save the UK hundreds of millions of pounds - is it his turn to be Chancellor of the Exchequer? His guest is actor and football executive Humphrey Ker.

They discuss his part in the fantastic TV show and community project “Welcome to Wrexham”, what it's like to have an entire football team laugh at you, being observed when doing a self-tape for a huge TV project, why being a giant isn't great for getting roles in the UK, what prompted the decision to make a go of it in America, being possibly the poshest person to ever appear on the podcast, why not everyone who goes to Eton is a monster, why the upper classes are obsessed with putting animals' heads on the wall and what it's like being a Humphrey.