RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Phillipa Perry

14 December 2022

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Eights as Infinities

Rich has an apology to make to the prescient geniuses who voted for Brexit. His guest is therapist and advice columnist Philippa Perry.

They talk about the jobs she drifted in an out of in her 20s, how she got to be a mature student thanks to having Mill Aunties, whether therapy makes or breaks a comedian, how to stay sane and how the Perry family have become a 21st Century Vision On. Richard attempts to get some free therapy and desperately looks for reasons to blame his parents for the way he's turned out and tries to find out if stone clearing is a healthy activity for him. Plus he is mocked for his small feet and hands, which I don't think is something therapists should be doing and they chat about the horrors of growing old.

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