RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Victoria Coren Mitchell

7 December 2022

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Starfish Perineum

Rich is back to his usual chair this week and tries to influence an impossible to win bet before being joined by Victoria Coren Mitchell. They chat about the disconnect between Victoria's teenage angst and then partying with Frankie Howerd, the worst celebrity poker players, why the coughing Major should have gone for anal beads, how Victoria charmingly manages to lose money doing her Radio 4 show, how it's possible that she didn't learn to ride a bike as a child, the possible arrogance of the producers of Mary Poppins, the statue that made Victoria cry. Plus are the cracks starting to show in the Coren-Mitchell marriage? (or can the tabloids manage to spin this conversation to make it appear that they are?). Rich is over tired and starts to lose it by the end, so worth hanging around for that!