RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Joe Lycett

16 November 2022

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Mosquito in the Kitchen

Richard recalls a couple of childhood memories that can't possibly hare happened. His guest is the king of mischief and righteous anger (who is also very funny) Joe Lycett.

They talk about how Joe brought down a Prime Minister, how he was almost arrested for a joke, how his spoof Sue Gray report fooled some members of parliament, how people decided what snacks Santa would be getting, the personal heartbreak behind Joe's anger about the government's reaction to Covid, why he literally talked sh*t and the extreme steps Joe is taking to try and persuade David Beckham to withdraw from his role in Qatar. This is an exceptional show which is why we are putting it out as soon as possible.

Buy Joe's extraordinarily funny and beautiful special “More More More” here https://watch.joelycett.com/