RHLSTP | Richard Herring

The Socially Distant Sports Bar Podcast

19 October 2022

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Rich is itching for a change in Prime Minister, but will he get his wish by the time of broadcast? His guests are Elis, Mike and Steff from the dizzyingly successful new podcast that the cool kids are calling TSDSB. They talk about how their podcast is about more than just sport, how sports fans have changed in the last four decades, the new series of Fantasy Football and the new sitcom Mammoth, why Elis' musical career didn't work out, how Mike met his wife when he was a teacher at school and what it was like for Steff when his first live gig was to over 1000 people

Plus are warm ups necessary in sport, the most inappropriate dance by 12 year old girls of all time and some neutral opinions about the new Prince and Princess of Wales.