RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Sally Phillips

5 October 2022

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Di and Dodi Threesome

Recorded in the week of a tragic loss, at least there is good news for one of the podcast's favourite personalities. Richard's guest is the brilliant actor and writer and also his ex-girlfriend, Sally Phillips. They talk about the girl who smelled of spam and Sally's impressive performance in the film “How To Please A Woman”, but they can't avoid the elephant in the room and discuss there somewhat different memories of the break up of their relationship (and at least one of hers confuses a sketch with reality, but what is truth?) and how this impacted on their Edinburgh shows (and lives).

Can they reach a place of forgiveness for their behaviour? Also Sally's side of the Princess Diana love triangle, how being in a comedy gang in the 1990s gave us all too much confidence, how she got the job in Alan Partridge, what led to her working with Mr Tumble and speculation on why Hugh Grant doesn't talk to her. Also the impact of disablist language (and an appearance from her son, Ol), grabbing the reins of power, being careful what you wish for, Dexter Fletcher and a tension that makes this one of the greatest and funniest RHLSTPs ever.