RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Doug Stanhope

12 September 2022

audio coming soon

The Black Hands of Doom

It's a bonus episode to end series 24 with the world class stand up Doug Stanhope, recorded over zoom from Dublin just an hour or so after Doug arrived on a TransAtlantic flight for his UK tour where people are about to lose their minds due to the death of our beloved monarch. They chat about authenticity in comedy, the self-destructive nature of Doug's lifestyle and how things are changing with age, performing drunk, whether cancellation is a smart career move, making your audience apply to come to gigs and Nicholas Witchell. Plus fans of urine will be glad to find out that you can hear Doug do a wee in this one.

Catch Doug's tour - https://www.dougstanhope.com/tour-dates

And buy his book here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Encore-for-the-Donkey/dp/B08FMT4K4W