RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Conrad Koch

12 August 2022

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Koch and Ball

Richard is still trying to come to terms with the fact his first Fringe happened 35 years ago, as well as how much his landlord is making from the show. Never mind - his guest(s) today are Conrad Koch and his little friend Chester Missing. They talk about what makes a normal human being turn to ventriloquism, how a puppet can be the best medium to discuss huge political issues (or they can be a carrot that fails to do double entendres properly), how Chester because a huge hit in South Africa and why politicians want to be interviewed by him, plus the revelation that the end of Apartheid was not the end of racism and why racism is white people's problem. Richard decides to show Conrad how to do ventriloquism properly and so there's an appearance from a certain cancerous bollock. Who is the best ventriloquist? See if you can decide via an audio only medium.

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