RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Daliso Chaponda

5 August 2022

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RHLSTP has travelled to Yorkshire to be part of the Deershed festival and is taking place at the unGodly hour of 11.10pm, but at least it's Gareth's birthday. Richard's guest is Malawian comic and bronze medal winner of Britain's Got Talent, Daliso Chaponda. They discuss the weirdness of performing at festivals, what it's like to play a Royal Variety show with no audience, believing in everything, which is the best angel, dinosaur fellatio and the inexplicably different experiences Daliso and Richard have had with the police. Plus they address the rumours about a certain eminent personage (not that one) and a sexual technique that Richard had to google before the show, but which the mum on the front row definitely didn't want discussed in front of her kids. Some classic EQs and audience requests.