RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Meryl O' Rourke

3 August 2022

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Where Did We Get Our Porn?

#391 Where Did We Get Our Porn? - Richard has surprisingly found himself being bigged up by a Ukrainian MP for his humanitarian efforts, which is very exciting. His guest is circuit veteran, ex-celeb stalker and writer Meryl O'Rourke. They talk about the comedy scene of the 90s, writing for Frankie Boyle, waiting for your break, scaring Stephen Fry, why it'd be nice to have a Tinder for friends, finding humour in the family traumas of the Holocaust and confronting your abuser, how much the world of sex has moved on since the 20th Century and whether her best comedy years are still to come.

Catch her special Vanilla on Next Up https://watch.nextupcomedy.com/videos/merylorovanilla0