RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Johnny Vegas

11 July 2022

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Maniac in a Suitcase

Giving away a prize to a lucky audience member, Rich reminisces about schoolday bags and realises how much work he has got to do to re-learn his 11 old stand-up shows for his insane attempt to do them all at the Leicester Square Theatre in August and September. His guest is a man who has done Chekov, Dickens and Celebrity Juice, Johnny Vegas.

It's a truly fascinating discussion about the duality of the stand-up and where a Johnny ends and Michael Pennington begins.

Michael discusses the lengths that Johnny would push him to and his total commitment to being a dog on stage, whether contentment and success mean the death of the character, how to make your own audience out of balloons, why he got the worst degree in his year at University and how he got his revenge. Plus how Monkey has clung to his back like a monkey, and the funniest sex show in history. It's really good.