RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Romesh Ranganathan

4 July 2022

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Yoghurt Smearing Ethics for the Vegan

Richard has a controversial theory about the recent FIFA controversy and gets paid by a man to call him a fucking idiot to his face before introducing former maths teacher and toilet crier Romesh Ranganathan to the stage of Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre.

In possibly the longest RHLSTP they discuss the problems of trying to procure adequate vegan cheese, cost analysis of airline food, whether a lazy eye is really a trademark and what it would take to get Romesh to have a tattoo of Richard on his arm. Find out how you can break your penis and what to do if you then get some jalfrezi on it. Ramesh also has to answer the cash for questions that Richard forgot to ask Emma Kennedy. It goes on for a very long time and a lot of it is about babies, but remember you can stop listening any time you like, unlike the poor captives in the theatre.