RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Amy Gledhill

15 June 2022

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Rolf Harris Tattoo

Alleluia Alleluia, He is Risen! It's Easter Monday and Rich has been schooled in Christian traditions by his kids. His guest is the best Edinburgh Comedy Prize by at least one metric, Amy Gledhill.

It's an old-school, crazy fun loose chat with a comedian and it's giddy fun all the way, encompassing what is the best crisp to send you into a coma, podcast listening speeds, why Richard will never advertise Pringles, some strong and maybe shocking opinions about Soleros, ice cream spoons, what happens when your double act partner persuades you to be the one to dress as a sausage, artistic toilets, and an extraordinary answer to the tallest building in your home town emergency question. Plus how Richard's work is studied at Universities.

For details of Amy's Edinburgh Fringe shows and more check out her website - https://www.amygledhill.co.uk/