RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Samira Ahmed

4 May 2022

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Test Card Girl

Rich has freaked himself out by attempting to cure the aphantasia (that he suffers with in silence). His guest is John Craven sanctioned Newshound Samira Ahmed.

They discuss the legacy of Mary Whitehouse and whether it's OK to point out the positive things that someone with some unacceptable views has done, the bravery of taking your employer to court in order to secure equal pay, whether appearing on Mastermind is more scary than being in a war zone, the young Richard Herring's clumsy attempts at seduction, your mother being prouder of a puppet you than the real you, interviewing Sooty, being at the trail of Madonna's stalker, whether Chrissie Hynde is terrifying or not and what happens when a young reporter can't find the radio van.