RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Maria Bamford

20 April 2022

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Barking at the Plumber

Hey everyone, it's a surprise transatlantic RHLSTP with one of the greatest stand-ups in the world, and more importantly one of the greatest people, Maria Bamford.

They chat about living without hot water, comedy merch, trying out challenging material to James Corden's audience, why it's OK to do (trigger warning) comedy about mental illness and suicidal thoughts (do contact the Samaritans or your local help lines if this is an issue that affects you), how to create a stand up special, why we need mediocrity in comedy, working with Judd Apatow and more excitingly the Storybots and why we'd be better off as kangaroos.

Go and see Maria on her some of Europe tour. Details here https://www.mariabamford.com/tourdates