RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Paul Chuckle

23 March 2022

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Arthur Askey's Chair

Richard is wondering if comedians might be the solution to all the world's problems (they won't be), but delighted to be back at the Leicester Square Theatre for the start of Season 23 of this amazing podcast. His guest is legendary comedian and DJ Paul Chuckle.

They chat about Paul's incredible 59 year career, from working mens' clubs and routines with Charlie Cairoli, through talent shows and learning the craft to the big break with Chuckle Vision. What injuries did the boys have to endure for comedy? What was it like to be so recognisable? How did the distinctive Chuckle look develop? And how did they come up with the iconic To Me, To You. Plus working with Tinchy Strider and moving into DJing. Paul talks movingly about losing his brother/partner and best friend and why he needed to carry on working. And finally the truth about his moped accident.