RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Jon Culshaw

1 March 2022

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Les Dawson Gladiator

Richard is in Bristol at the Slapstick Festival and starts by paying tribute to a fallen comedy hero (and the third guest to fall to the curse of RHLSTP). His guest is actor, impressionist and astronomer Jon Culshaw.

They discuss Queen Victoria's everlasting fire, how a receptionist set Jon on course to his comedy career, getting through to Tony Blair on a prank call, chasing solar eclipses, portraying David Bowie in a serious drama, whether it's ever possible to get to know the person behind the impressions, Bill Dare's bottom, playing a Thunderbird, the joy of Tom Baker and what it's like to interview someone when you are being them (and why that has to become a podcast). Plus the remarkable skill required to become an impressionist of Culshaw's standard.