RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Laura Jean Marsh

26 January 2022

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Naked in Brixton

Richard is still isolating, and has had to reluctantly welcome a new son-in-law into his life. His guest is actor, director and musician Laura Jean Marsh.

They chat about leaving home at 16 to be in a band, how Laura Jean's experiences in the music scene inspired her to write, direct and star in the feature film, Giddy Stratospheres, how she persuaded Richard to take a part in the movie, how the Hell you get something like this off the ground during lockdown and how taking a punt can lead to all kinds of opportunities.

Plus is it too soon to be nostalgic about 2007 and a horrifying emergency question about back lips and some stuff about Scooby Doo. An inspiring chat for anyone who hopes to get a creative project off the ground.

You can watch Giddy Stratospheres for free on Amazon Prime (if you are an Amazon Prime member) or rent from all the usual places.