RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Laura Lexx

19 January 2022

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What Women Want!

Richard has got Covid 19 - always late to the party - but nothing can stop him podcasting and so this remote recording carries on regardless (with social distancing of 100 miles, which the NHS has determined is fairly safe). His guest is comedian and author Laura Lexx.

They discuss the genesis of her hilarious new book, Klopp Actually (Buy here- https://www.lauralexx.co.uk/klopp-actually), how lockdown prompted creative ways of working, whether Somerset should change its name, Perkin Warbeck, appearing in Panto and the worst thing to have in your mouth. Will this be the last RHLSTP ever? And who will host the show if it is. It's all sorted out in the podcast and so this should be considered a last will and testament.