RHLSTP | Richard Herring

The Parapod

29 September 2021

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A Bag of Sausage Rolls

Richard is concerned about a doppelgänger who is out there somewhere claiming to be him (and whether it might be him) and why the fraud has such a paucity of ambition and his son has some unexpected good news. His guests are Ian and Barry from the Parapod podcast and MOVIE!

They chat about how to turn a podcast into a feature film, the alternate universe where the script of a Disney film is slightly different, how foolish Barry sold a money making idea for 10p and how he met his own doppleganger in a wood and why Tenable makes Richard feel sick. Plus how to ruin your chances of being on TV. And it all ends with a huge scrotal surprise.

Details of where to see The Parapod Movie in cinemas here http://theparapod.com/

Or download it from any of those download shops, including the one you can't pronounce or delete.