RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Barry Cryer

15 September 2021

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Richard is shedding body parts in his dreams, but making the most of the first class medical treatment that comes from having the Big C in your Big T. His guest is comedy legend and parrot joke expert Barry Cryer.

Barry reminisces about the many stars he's worked with over the 60+years of his incredible career including Bob Hope, Graham Chapman, Kenny Everett and basically any big name comedian you can think of. Plus Morecambe and Wise's views on Monty Python, what it was like doing comedy in between nude tableaux, Tony Hancock's ashes, the delight of getting a birthday joke from Uncle Baz, the joy of spoonerisms and some first rate swearing from the 86 year old honorary gay man with the perfect smokescreen. Absolute class.

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