RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Jay Rayner

25 August 2021

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Hand Carved Penis

Richard is finally in a Norwich for a gig rescheduled several times due to Covid and he has a story about his son's attempts to build on his laughs before possibly going too far, the sky potato doesn't fall far from the tree. His guest is food critic and musician, Jay Rayner.

They talk about having a better beard than the Archbishop of Canterbury, whether being a restaurant critic is proper journalism, how restaurants respond to having a critic visit them, expensive suits vs expensive meals, what it's like seeing your mum on Spitting Image, the Norwich severed hand kidney pearls, ceramic hip joints, the demise of Rod Hull, whether we should feel sorry for people who went to public school and whether jazz is worthwhile and how the critic deals with criticism. And what will the restaurant critic make of the ham hand?

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Jay photo credit: Jonathan Stewart
Norwich photo credit: Sim Ottaway