RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Catie Wilkins

12 May 2021

Double Robert Boris

Richard has some serious questions about Gio Compario from the Go Compare adverts and is also surprised to see online that he is currently single. That might make things awkward this week as he's chatting to his (ex?) wife Catherine Wilkins. Will he find out anything he didn't already know? And will it change things now that he's back in the same room as his guest? They discuss whether porn films have it right about pizza delivery, writing a book whilst doing working at another job, how to convince men to do hoovering (and more), whether diarrhoea is a subject fit for a family circular, how Catie nearly committed murder, if she will leave her husband for a woman or have him replaced with a robot. Plus how is she worth so much more than Richard? It's the flirtiest podcast he's done since last week with Anneka Rice. Come and see RHLSTP live at the Clapham Grand (or live stream it) http://richardherring.com/gigs