RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Andi Osho

21 April 2021

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Double Mastermind

Rich is still going on about his ball. This is going to be the case for the best part of the next year or two, so buckle in (and while you're buckled, check your bits). His guest is the actor, podcaster, author, blogger, erstwhile stand up and opera singer, Andi Osho.

Not only has she had immense quiz show success for Rich to be jealous of, she's also been in his favourite show, Death in Paradise. Apparently she's in Line of Duty too, but come on, Death in Paradise. Also find out why she became a stand up and why she stopped, what motivated her to go to America and why she came back and how she's managed to base all three central characters in her new novel “Asking for a Friend” on herself. Rich and Andi also compare notes on what they learned when dating for comedy shows and talk about the creative process (as discussed in her podcast Creative Sauce). Plus ghosts and museums and a gallant use of a time travelling finger.

Buy Andi's book here (or wherever you get your books)

Listen to her podcast here https://www.andiosho.co.uk/creative-sauce-podcast/