RHLSTP | Richard Herring

John Oliver

7 April 2021

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Goblin Sweets

Richard is either banging on about his ball(s) or a missed joke in a film from over half a century ago. Bet you wish he was still doing the Aphantasia stuff right? His guest might have been Harry Potter, but he's done OK anyway, it's John Oliver.

They discuss whether the Love Guru is worth the £3.49 rental fee, facing off to the SAS in a terrible gig in Aldershot, graffiting fruit on a terrible topical news show on More 4, the research required to play a Smurf, working with Dan Harmon, getting emails about medieval poetry from Terry Jones and whether the UK will ever manage to do a great topical comedy show and the one necessity that is required for that to work.

Has success changed Oliver? How did he end up with a sewage plant named after him? And is a bad stand up gig equivalent to being in a war zone? Plus experiencing a 100% walk out, what it meant to be able to carry on doing Last Week Tonight (and RHLSTP) during lockdown and the return of an old favourite emergency question. It's a really good one. Get it down your lugholes.