RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Nell Scovell

18 November 2020

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Which One's Melania?

It's November 4th and the world hangs in the balance as they wait to discover if a winner will be declared right away in Taskmaster series 10. Rich is very keen for it to go to court after the upside down fiasco. His guest is comedy genius Nell Scovell.

You may not know her name but you will have laughed at her stuff. They chat about playing ping pong with Garry Shandling, Miss Piggy's Wardrobe Malfunction, giving Homer Simpson 22 hours to live, writing jokes for the President (not that one) and the scripts that got away and how Rich helped a writers' room to become majority women.

Rich's book is now out - The Problem With Men. Buy it at http://gofasterstripe.com

Nell's book is a must read for any comedy fan and especially comedy writer - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Just-Funny-Parts-Sneaking-Hollywood/dp/0062473476/

Buy the heck out of it.

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