RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Bilal Zafar

9 September 2020

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Rich is being driven mad by a children's song, but at least he's about to finally get back on the telly, so he can leave you losers behind. But he's mistimed it all as TV is about to be usurped by the internet as this week's guest Bilal Zafar is on the cusp of proving.

They talk about being an arsehole in someone else's dreams, working as an extra, Percy the Shepherd, the famous people of Wanstead and Bolton, Richard's incredible generosity and vanity, befriending Limmy, the pigeon holing of TV commissioners and what can happen when you're left to your own devices (as long as you have devices).

Check out Bilal's channel at http://twitch.tv/zafarcakes