RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Mark Watson

10 June 2020

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Isolation, My Dear Mark Watson

Richard has been enjoying the lunchtime hour of lockdown the most so far and discusses chalk shadow drawings reminding him of nuclear war. His guest is author, comedian and lift engineer Mark Watson.

They discuss trying to not die in a pandemic and how difficult it is to be motivated, turning 40 before civilisation collapses, how becoming successful is not always the best route for creativity (or making yourself feel better by arguing that), the redundancy of swimming badges, a new 24 hour show for Mark and haircuts with no hairdressers. Plus find out if Improvisation, My Dear Watson is coming back

WARNING AUDIOPHILES - Sound quality not as good as usual as Mark closed his computer before the good version could be uploaded to the cloud - the idiot. So sometimes Mark turns all Tweaky from Buck Rogers.

We're doing these LIVE every Wednesday at 8pm during lockdown on http://twitch.tv/rkherring and there's loads of other stuff on there too. It's free (though subscribe if you wish - it's free if you're with Amazon Prime. Here's how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVji_FONrxo)