RHLSTP | Richard Herring

Adam Buxton

27 May 2020

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Empty W*nk Bank

The Coronavirus has taken out many planned live RHLSTPs (hopefully most will be rescheduled) and destroyed a promising and lucrative 2020 for Richard, but it CAN'T stop us broadcasting. Rich is joined by the guest with the most appearances on RHLSTP, from Norwich, Adam Buxton.

Recorded on the 8th April whilst the fate of the PM hung in the balance they make some bold predictions of how that is going to turn out (apologies if we got it wrong) and how the lockdown is affecting or failing to affect their largely dull lives. Plus Richard reveals some tragic news about his mind's eye and a Lee and Herring story that he hasn't even told Stewart about. Adam reveals secrets of competitiveness from his own double act and talks about his high-profile podcast guests. It's a charming hour and a fitting tribute to either or both men if they don't survive the epidemic.